Trauma and Attachment Belief Scale (TABS)

Laurie Anne Pearlman


Previously known as the Traumatic Stress Institute, (TSI) Belief Scale, this highly useful new instrument assesses the long-lasting psychological impact of traumatic life events. The TABS helps clinicians design the most effective therapeutic approach for individual trauma survivors as well as important themes that characterize the client's relationships--often including the therapeutic relationship. Assess 5 areas sensitive to the effects of trauma. Composed of 84 items, the TABS is a self-report, paper-and-pencil test. It assesses beliefs--about self and others--that are related to five needs commonly affected by traumatic experience: Safety, Trust, Esteem, Intimacy, Control.

Product Code: 27-2720-KT
Rate: 10769.00
Age Range: 9+ yrs
Time taken: 10 - 15 minutes
Administration: Individual
Language: English