NEO Software System

Paul T. Costa, Robert R. McCrae and PAR Staff


The NEO Software System is a modular system that allows you to generate free unlimited Interpretive Reports when you input responses from a completed print administration. You also may administer the NEO PI-R, NEO-PI-3, or NEO-FFI-3 on-screen using a counter serial number. The software will generate the NEO PI-R, NEO-PI-3 or NEO-FFI-3 Interpretive Report and/or the appropriate client feedback report. The NEO PI-R and NEO-PI-3 Interpretive Report includes a T-score profile and data table; validity indexes; a global description of the Five Factors with detailed interpretation of the individual facets; personality correlates with possible implications; clinical hypotheses regarding Axis II disorders with treatment implications; and information about somatic complaints, coping and defense mechanisms, cognitive processes, and personal needs and motivations

Product Code: 20-1164-CP
Rate: 45820.00
Age Range: 12 to 99 years
Time taken: NEO-PI-3: 35-45 minutes; NEO PI-R: 30-40 minutes; NEO-FFI-3: 10-15 minutes
Administration: Individual
Language: English